Brenda & RockyWelcome

One step aboard the stately Miss Brenda Dae and you will be taken back in time to the bygone era of Titanic. Ocean cruises and yacht excursions were typical during the early 1900’s indicating wealth and social status of their passengers. As was Titanic, Miss Brenda Dae was commissioned during the turn of the century when opulence, elegance and extravagance was a sign of the times. Miss Brenda Dae was constructed in 1910 on the Canadian shores of Lake Ontario and has a glorious history of her own spanning over 100 years. You too may become a part of her history as she begins her next century of cruising on Minnesota’s own Detroit Lake.

The Holiday Inn on the Lake, Detroit Lakes, Minnesota is currently home to Miss Brenda Dae. She is available for weddings, cruises, corporate entertaining or private events. Or you may step aboard for a guided tour of this wonderful vessel and unique piece of history. Whether dining, cruising or simply relaxing aboard, you will find yourself enveloped in an atmosphere of days gone by. Miss Brenda Dae is the name the Captain chose for this motoryacht to honor his lovely wife, Brenda Dae. As for her life boat, Miss Brenda Dae has an exquisite 14 ft. wooden whitehall rowboat named Sir Lane Matthew in honor of Rocky and Brenda’s first grandchild, Lane Matthew Watterson. As Miss Brenda Dae begins her next century of cruising, join hosts, Rocky and Brenda Ballinger of Verona, North Dakota for a memorable time on board. They look forward to sharing their magnificent yacht with you.

“We have been blessed and honored to be the present caretakers of this rare and refined 100 year old wooden vessel. Our dream is to restore her to her former grandeur and glory and continue to research her century long history. The management and staff of The Holiday Inn on the Lake, as well as the entire lakes area have been extremely hospitable in welcoming us and our yacht to Detroit Lakes. It is with that same spirit that we say God Bless, thank you and welcome aboard Miss Brenda Dae.”
                      Rocky & Brenda